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Originally Posted by arushus View Post
If your budget is to $1500, my choice would be Daniel defense M4. They have excellent QC. Completely mil-spec, and then some. Cold hammer forged barrels, and free float rails that are among the best available, IMO. Basically with the DD youre getting all the bells and whistles that you would have to buy aftermarket if you went with the Colt. Not dissing the Colt at all, it is an EXCELLENT weapon, but you're gonna want to put a rail on it, and other stuff. So I say just go with the DD and call it a day!
Was just talking to soneone today who pretty much said the same thing about DD.

He also mentioned that NYS post-ban only allows fixed stocks. (Not sure how that relates to shotguns, I'll look the law up later, might only pertain to pistol grips).

Evidentally all the M4 looking guns in NYS stores only look like they have adjustable stocks, but are welded or glued or something, so can't be adjusted. But I assume stocks on AR's can be replaced to a different size (as long as still not adjustable).

Knowing all that makes me lean more toward the old fashioned A2 type stock.
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