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Originally Posted by philipk View Post
I am in your corner as this post could describe me. The only difference is I own a black gun and I have a CCW due to Ohio's laws about loaded magazines in automobiles.

That aside, the gun community should be big enough for all of us.

One observation, I have noticed that most of those who demand a narrow opinion on what gun owners should think were not raised with guns. They are mostly johnny come latelys.

To me a gun is a tool and not an item to be worshipped. I was raised with them and can not remember the first time I shot one. (Just like I can't remember the first time I watched TV.)

To quote you,

I thought there was room for everyone in the gun community and this forum.
There's room for him, of course, but we are reminding him that his view of hsndguns was a little narrow and that not everyone laughs at the idea of carrying a handgun while hunting.

If now he wants to leave the forum, that is his choice.

Or he could stay and be accepting of handgunners, and they will be accepting of him.
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