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Originally Posted by Wishoot View Post
Honestly it's the softest shooting snubby I've ever shot.
^^ me too I could see how you would say the .357 magnum version would be a agree to that. But ive got a Taurus CH85 Snubnose thats just fine with regular and manageable with .38 +p loads. And though I dont won a LCR ive shot them and I consider them quite soft shooting.

and lets face it when I practice I try to use the same grain I do for self defense but I dont use full P+ loads at the range for regular target/CC/SD I never have to worry about shooting 100 rounds of P+(im betting almost no one has to worry about that) about the only time I even shoot up my P+ stuff is when its time to replace my CC/HD ammo with new stuff then I will take the old to the range and shoot it up.

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