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Troll gunbroker for a week or so, you ll see overpriced ones come and go but it wont be long before one pops up thats within $40 of regular pricing. I never mind paying a little more for something that I know is hard to come by.
Just my two cents, but Id get one if you dont/never had one. I probably wouldnt buy one again, NOW, but thats a few thousand rounds later and not because its not a good kit. I dont regret buying one, and Im in no rush to sell mine, but I do admit I dont shoot it nearly as much as I used to. Its also nice to know that you will not really lose much money on this purchase, they ve been back ordered pretty consistently for a couple years now, so if you dont like it, you can always flip it and get that Buckmark everyone's trying to push you into. ;-)

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