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Im not saying all of them are bad but the last time I took one of my kids in for a shot the nurse gave me a flyer to read about the vaccine no I dont remember which one it was but there was enough of a problem that there was already hotline and lawyers set up to deal with problems with adverse reactions including death. The nurse didnt let me read all of it before she gave the shot and it among other things made me very leary of medical "professionals"

We vacinate our kids but not on thier schedual putting that many toxins I thier little bodies all at one time and hoping they dont have a reaction and hoping the medical community can figure out which suspension or vaccine a kid is having a reaction to is assinine
Our job as parents is to protect our kids so if I piss off the holy m.d. or a nurse by making them try to find a one vaccine shot or not letting them pump ten different toxins in my kids at one time oh well.
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