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I suppose it depends on you, your eyes, the use you put the gun to.

On a full size Glock shooting for fun I did just fine with the OEM sights. 10+ years later, when 85 year old men are getting beaten to death in their own front yards 20 miles from here, harder lenses in my eyes, cataracts developing and a much shorter sight radius on a G26 and the stock sights just didn't work. I wanted a wide notch rear and night sights. I love my Trijicon HD sights and would be hard pressed to go back. I though the front sight was gaudy and over done before I shot it. The design is solid. For my eyes the big orange ring is centered in the U notch when the sights are lined up. I can shoot them like plain iron sights using the top of the sights for precise alignment in good light, use the beachball in the bucket for speed or line up the green dots when it is dark. Very happy with them.
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