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Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
There has been for quite some time now evidence pointing to autism being induced by vaccinations. Many articles can be found on this, here is just one

Also what better way to keep the populace needing the drugs the major pharmaceutical companies cash in on than to infect the very people who will be needing them? They load up our children with all sorts of bad stuff via forced vaccinations and all. I'm not saying all of it is bad, but how do you know that they aren't sneaking things into the vaccine that they won't tell you about?
Haha, Your credibility goes down the drain when you try to pass off these sorts of websites as your research. Worse, you actually form an opinion based on these sorts of websites. Point is, I have never seen a peer reviewed study in a scientific journal that showed a link (that wasn't retracted). You post is full of irrational paranoia, as evidence by your last paragraph. Its always easier to believe in a conspiracy theory than to do actual research.

Edit: I also did not see any sources sited in your link. Just because some jackwagon writes something on the internet, does not mean that you should blindly accept it. Some measure of common sense is always required.

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