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Originally Posted by vrex View Post
my answers to your points:

1. Exactly, then DON'T do it or modify the schedule to allow the body to recover between shots.

2. People getting the vaccines accept nothing. They are sheep being led to the abbatoir, listening to some stupid half retarded "doctor" who makes money every time he sticks a needle into your healthy kid.

Vaccines were and are an idea with its heart in the right place, but like everything we have perverted it and now it is totally out of control.
1. I'm not sure how not vaccinating anyone, i.e., "DON'T do it," is a rational response unless you simply don't believe in the efficacy of vaccinations for whatever reason.

2. There are, of course, many people that get vaccinations because that's what's recommended with nary a thought to risk. But everyone who gets vaccinated assumes a risk, and people that don't get vaccinated benefit from that whether they want to or not. And I'm sorry, but putting doctor in scare quotes and suggesting that people getting vaccinated are being led to the slaughter is ridiculous.

I think we can at least agree that we'd all be better off if people took a vested interest in their health and researched treatments recommended (or not) by caregivers.
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