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Just saw this too...

What now, Gaston?

Harry Schneider reports on a curious issue with his favorite pistol

The Glock Model 19 is my preferred go-to handgun and I shoot it more than do most people.

I have personally experienced several failures to eject with my late 3rd Generation Glock 19, including several inline stovepipes including "Reverse Inline Stovepipes." The accompanying images depict three of more than twenty ejection failures with this gun (out of several thousand rounds) - note that these three photos involve three different brands of ammo).

I replaced the extractor assembly and recoil spring assembly and the problems continued with various magazines and types of ammo. I blamed myself because 9 X 19mm Glock pistols have a long established reputation for extraordinary reliability. The malfunctions most often occurred when I was shooting very rapidly. I have had tendonitis and suspected limp wristing.

Eventually this topic came up on the Gunsite Alumni list and I learned that many other well-trained shooters were experiencing the same problems with late "3rd Gen" 9 X 19mm Glocks and "4th Gen" 9 X 19mm Glocks. The reliability problems follow no predictable pattern sometimes showing up initially and sometimes after several thousand rounds.

It seems that Glock .40 S&W pistols have had ongoing issues, especially when insults are added such as when the shooter adds a flashlight and does not replace the magazines or at least the magazine spring every three years and does not replace older weaker recoil springs.

(When magazines are left continuously loaded, the springs should be replaced as part of routine maintenance.)
Glock has been making subtle changes in "3rd gen" guns to make the .40 more S&W pistols more reliable but at the same time the reliability of the 9 X 19mm pistols apparently has suffered as a result of these subtle changes.

White Sound Defense High Reliability Extractor Depressor A Gunsite Alumni list member stated that a solution is the White Sound Defense High Reliability Extractor Depressor (H.R.E.D.) plunger assembly for Glock pistols chambered in 9 X 19mm.

I got mine about a month ago and despite my best efforts I have not been able to make the pistol malfunction since. I have emptied 15- and 33-round magazines as quickly as I can, sometimes intentionally limp wristing. I have tried different ammunition ranging from +P+{sic} to weak "Wal-Mart white box."

(I have not tried Remington because their "UNC-brand practice ammo1" is so inferior that it is not a fair test for anything expect testing the shooters malfunction drills.)
I have obviously not tested the White Sound Defense 9 X 19mm product long term, nor have I tested their 357 SIG/.40 S&W variant.

However, thus far I could not be more pleased and would not dream of carrying my Glock Model 19 without the White Sound Defense assembly inside. I normally discourage aftermarket parts for Glocks, but wanted to share my experience with others even before my customary lengthy trial period.

Once again I am 100% comfortable with my Glock Model 19. Input is welcome.
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