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Originally Posted by CDR_Glock View Post
I have the Tamer grips. It beats up my palm aches with +P ammo. I shoot a 357 snubby with no issues. I shoot 357 Magnums in all of my full sized revolvers and I have no issues with subcompacts like the Glock 27 or even P938.

Today I received my Eagle Grips Secret Service grips. I hope these help.
I find my LCR much more pleasant to fire than my S&W 342 and nicer than my S&W 642. That's with the standard grip the gun comes with.

I'm not familiar with the Eagle Grips. Pics??
Never mind, Googled them. Look a tad too large for pocket carry, which is the purpose of my LCR. Really want a clone grip the same configuration as the S&W J-frame round butt with a T-adapter installed.
Who the hell is Balko?

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