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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
Unless it's posted, there is no reason not to.

I'm about to leave my current bank, not only because they are signed but they ripped out their ATM months ago and haven't replaced it. I'm going to pick my next bank on whether or not they are signed (if there ARE any around here!)
My bank (which serves 23 states) posted several years ago. I started with the local bank manager, found out it was new corporate policy, and worked my way on up the banks chain of command.

I politely informed them my accounts would be closed if the signs did not come down by a certain target date. Many of us around here also gave the same notice. I also posted on pro gun internet boards, both instate and in other states where the bank operated.

The signs came down by the target date, and have not gone back up.

I know it would have been a lot of trouble, but I would have closed my accounts with that bank, if the signs had stayed up. I had been with the bank for almost 30 years before that.
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