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Originally Posted by SRS View Post
There are some good reasons:

1. Vaccines are not 100% effective, and with each unvaccinated person, the risk of transmission increases. In other words, the fact that people choose not to get vaccinated increases the risk of disease for both the unvaccinated and those for which the vaccine was ineffective.

2. People who choose not to get common vaccines are essentially freeloaders. Vaccines have a risk and benefit. People that get vaccines choose to accept the risk in return for the benefit. People who choose not to accept the risk still largely receive the benefit based on the risk accepted by the vaccinated via herd immunity. Add to that the fact that the unvaccinated increase the risk of disease. See 1.

I'm not saying it's right, but there are perfectly rational reasons for people to insist on mandatory vaccinations.

my answers to your points:

1. Exactly, then DON'T do it or modify the schedule to allow the body to recover between shots.

2. People getting the vaccines accept nothing. They are sheep being led to the abbatoir, listening to some stupid half retarded "doctor" who makes money every time he sticks a needle into your healthy kid.

Vaccines were and are an idea with its heart in the right place, but like everything we have perverted it and now it is totally out of control.
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