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Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
Success! But not the way I expected. The Fedex truck showed up this AM with, among other things, 2 new non-dipped extractors from Glock. I took one to the shop and did my best to imitate an old non-LCI type extractor. Took out the claw angle, cut the pad that spaces it to the frame more than I intended. I also made a Spring Loaded Bearing (SLB) with a much longer "head" to really tension the already 20% extra power White Sound Defense extractor depressor plunger spring (EDPS). I used my homemade extractor depressor plunger (EDP) (see pics above).

Well, got to the range and it didn't work. Gun didn't jam, but it still sent low power loads into my face.

Luckily I had brought the other new non-dip extractor with me. I installed that with my homemade EDP, the White Sound EDPS, and the SLB I had originally made with only a slightly longer "head" - probably about like a non-LCI SLB. This combination works perfectly! I put around a hundred rounds of everything from WWB to +P hollow points and it all went out up and to the right in a relatively normal pattern.

Now - hold your breath: I tried the "1911" test. Didn't think that would ever work. BUT IT DID!!!! About 20 times in a row!

Looking closely at the new non-dip extractor (NDE), I notice that a couple of things are different. The claw is a little closer to the breechface (are you listening MOLAR?). I haven't taken a measurement, but I could swear looking at them stacked up that the extractor itself is a bit longer at the back, which would put a little more tension on it.

It looks like Glock may finally have stepped up to the plate on this one. But, before I get too excited I guess I should wait and see how everyone else makes out with the new NDE. Just because it works in my gun doesn't mean it will work in everyone's. I also should try it with all stock parts in the tensioning channel. Right now none of them are.

I have lost interest in the Apex extractor. I hope Apex doesn't take a bath after all the development effort they put into their extractor. But it is clear to me that I don't need it. It is also clear to me that I was wrong in believing that the 17 degree angle on the claw was the major contributing problem.

So, I have a new theory about why some guns are developing problems after 800, 1000, or 2000 rounds. Maybe the extractor parts (extractor, EDP, EDPS, and SLB) are wearing out. Maybe they all, or some of them, need to be replaced periodically as routine maintenance.
Congrats, but the Fedex guy brought me a "dipped" extractor from Glock, I must not have been on the VIP list, lol.
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