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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
Alright, how about this. Should a truly autistic child be able to 'outgrow' the condition? It was my understanding that autism was incurable. The study below (2012) looked at children that were orignally given a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, but later no longer met the critieria for ASD. The study identified other factors that may have contributed to the change in diagnosis.
As you said, there certainly will be some measurable error, but I think the answers to these questions regarding the past and current DSM's will be when the new DSMV is released in the middle of next year. This new publication will have a much stricter criteria for the diagnosis, even to the point that it is criticized by some for being so restrictive.

So, it should be interesting in the coming years to see how this will affect the levels of diagnosis.

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