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Originally Posted by JohnBT View Post
"A private business makes compensation decisions based on a profit motive. "

I have also worked for a few family owned private businesses. They had spouses on the payroll, kids on the payroll and lord knows who else drawing a paycheck. Maybe it was a tax dodge, because most of the family members didn't work very hard. Or many hours.

So go start your own business and hire your relatives. There is nothing wrong with that. Its your money to spend as you want.

You seem to not understand the difference between spending YOUR money on something and spending SOMEONE elses money on something.

As an example, would you think a BMW M5 is an acceptable car to use a govt vehicle to let employees use? If a private business wants to buy it, it is their money to do what they want and if they want to "blow" money on an M5, so be it. ( wouldnt say an M5 is blowing money...but that is a different story)
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