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Originally Posted by Glock2336 View Post
Some are at where their members had first dibs...

DannyR, you seem like you want them to fail and are in denial of the brass to the face problem.
Yes it seems Danny has been in denial. I am not trying to call you out Danny but as much as you shoot can you post a resent video of you shooting any of your gen 4 9mm. I would like to check out the ejection. I had a gen4 23 and had no issues at all before I sold it for my OD 19. But I do believe experienced shooters are having BTF issues.
To me it's not that big a deal as my guns are range guns. I rather have a gun that shoots every time with BTF than one that goes click.
I feel for those that use theirs for work (Leo's) and have to deal with the BTF issue.
I hope a solution will come up soon. (Apex or otherwise)

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