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Originally Posted by ArtyGuy View Post
It won't happen because it would be a treaty and Congress has to vote on treaties. We elect a President, not a king.
Once he gets elected he will be appointing a minimum of one more supreme court justice. As we all saw they wrote behind locked doors with NO input from the opposing party and then shoved it though, 2500 page obamacare that IS unconstitutional. He got 1 judge to defect and it was upheld as we all know. If he appoints one more judge he can and has a great chance to sign an executive order and then when it gets to the supreme court they will uphold it. What part of this do we not understand. He even said when he was running that the Constitution was flawed and then swore to uphold it? Someone is not telling the truth here. The 1st ten amendments were supposed to be sacred as they found the Declaration of Independence was a bit vague. They have already trashed the 1st and are trying to trash the 2nd.
Talk about Animal Farm, too bad most haven't read it because it is happening.
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