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Originally Posted by alwaysshootin View Post
Pssst, jonesee has been gone since he last chimed in on post #21. Just saying.

Still here.
I just agree to disagree.

I am not going to start carrying a handgun while I am hunting. I never have, and never will.
I don't have a CCW permit so when I transport my hand gun it is locked and unloaded and the ammo is seperate.

If the man this post is about had done the same he wouldn't have been arrested. (and I feel bad for him. the arrest record won't go away even after he puts the charges to bed)

And Bren was "partially" right when he called me a FUDD (I had to look up the definition). I don't own any black guns. Not my style. Raised on a farm and have no use for them. Mine are used for hunting exclusively. I have a safe overflowing with hunting long guns, and 2 shelves filled with handguns (Glocks included). The Bows are hanging in the garage.

I am an NRA member and strong supporter of the 2nd amendment.

I thought there was room for everyone in the gun community and this forum, maybe not.

I'm too old to change my habits now, and I won't try to change anyone else's.

I see no point in arguing just to argue so this is the last comment I will make on this thread.

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