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I am sorry for your loss, I'm glad you had such a good friend and mentor, but sorry you lost him. When I started to read this thread, I had the same thought several expressed.
His legacy is the knowledge, kindness, and friendship he passed on to you, which you can now mentor and pass on to someone else.
I had a similar experience just a couple of years back.

My friend of 35 years taught me a lot about guns and shooting, he also was very instrumental in helping me become a Mason.
We didn't see each other or talk as often after he retired, but
he always told me to come on by and do some shooting if I were in the area. He was about 25 miles away and had 60 or so acres and a 200 yard outdoor range.

I thought about him and his wife many times over the years and always did mean to make the trip down and visit and shoot some. We did see each other from time to time and I told him I would be down, and he always said,"Any Time".

A work buddy passed away, and we ran into each other at the visitation, I was arriving and he was just leaving. We talked for a few minutes, and I told him that I had been meaning to come down, and as always he said any time and that he would be glad to see me. I was honestly, going to
go very soon.

Three weeks later, after we talked, my friend was killed at his home, in a tractor accident. I never made the visit.
At his funeral, I kept thinking of a saying that I had heard
years before,
"I would cherish one flower and a kind word while I am
here, more than a truckload of flowers after I am gone."

Never put off contacting those who are special to you,
friends or family, because we never know when that bond
will be broken. Always remember those who are gone and
who we loved and held special, the joy they brought us, and the things they taught us. I again am sorry for you loss,
but remember and pass on the things he taught you.
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