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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
Well, F_M, normally I'd be glad to tell ya; but the last time I posted an opinion on this some cyberspace jerk came along and - from out 'a the blue - accused me of stealing ideas from other board members!

Now that I know I'm being monitored by the Glock Talk, 'Thought Police' I have to be a lot more careful about what I post! I will, however, give you a clue. (Ready?) It's not the ammunition; and it's not the operator, either. OK!
Maybe it's just me but I respect the opinions you pose and your experience.Fanboys just want to cheer their favorite guns but if a gun fails to function,I don't care who produces it it's just a expensive fishing sinker.

If a gun can't be made to work it is worthless,what you and other posters are trying to do is get to the cause of why lately Glocks are less than perfect. Sometimes it's just the gun or in this case the Glock. SJ 40
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