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Originally Posted by DannyR View Post
I do not wish them to fail, but am only curious if they really are an improvement. No more, no less.

There are three variables that may cause brass to the face:

1. Firearm
2. Operator
3. Ammo

1. Yes it is definitely my Gen 4 G19
2. Never an issue the past 14 years and 7 other Glocks including a 2nd and 3rd Generation G19
3. Ammo does play a role in my gun which I verified in my testing. Lower power Factor and possibly even the rim of the case make a difference in how often the erratic ejection occurred.

4. The Extractor and spring. Which Randy explains in the link I posted earlier. Just changing the Extractor alone turned my BTTF from once a magazine to 0/1020 rounds of testing. And the erratic ejection was reduced to an occasional case over my head instead of straight up, 3/6/9/12 o'clock and everywhere in between.
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