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Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
Are you using the Apex extractor right now? Or are you planning to experiment with stock ones?

If you're done with the Apex extractor and spring set, I will buy it from you happily. It might not help, but I'm in experiment mode.
Friday I'm going to the range. I will try the Apex with non-lci spring loaded bearing as I believe it will put more tension on the extractor. I will also try the non lci cast extractor and SLB from my Gen 2.5 26, the non-dip LCI from my perfect Gen 3 17, a non lci extractor from a Gen 2 22, and the stock extractor I'm going to modify by taking some off the pad.

I also plan on taking all the internals out of my problematic Gen 3 19 slide and putting them in the 17 slide. If the 17 then runs perfect as I expect it will, I'll know for sure I have an out of spec slide on the 19.

If none of that works, I'll call it a loss and ditch the gun. I'm not about to spend $200 bucks for a new slide. If it comes to that, I'll gladly sell you the Apex extractor.
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