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" Full salary and medical benefits are really going to hurt the system."

I just retired at 62 after 38 years with the state. With some old converted sick leave (due to a new program 20 years ago) the total is 38.5 years.

I will get 65.55% of my salary. BUT, however, my health insurance monthly premium goes from $78/mo. to $527/mo.

Where do I sign up for that "full salary" and bennies?

(At 65 I will have to apply for Medicare and pay about $100/mo., but the $527 drops to about $250 for my state Anthem coverage.)

I almost lasted 40 years before they wore me out. I haven't applied for SSA retirement yet. I won't qualify for full retirement until I'm 66; all they'll pay now is 75%. I started paying SSA taxes in 1966.

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