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Vocal minority, here.

I have worked midnights for over four years. When I started, I used the spotlight and take-downs. I found I prefer nothing but headlights and flashing lights.

I work mostly rural with a City in the middle, unless I'm in the City, I'm in the dark. When I illuminate the whole area with my vehicle lights, the interior of the car has some nasty shadows that canonly be seen with my flashlight. It also messes up my night vision.

When I run just flashing lights and headlights (sometimes, just parking lights), I can dissappear into the darkness easily and can see them well. What light is there, is pointing at them. With red and blue flashing led's, they can't track where I am, at all.

I usually have them turn on their dome lights. This further helps my vision and inhibits theirs.

I don't like the passenger side approach. No matter how you do it, you lose sight of what's going on in the vehicle or have to walk between the vehicles. With the CVPI, you can walk around the back, but with a top mounted lightbar, you have to look through the flashies=blind. With the Tahoe, I REALLY can't see through it.
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