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I center the spot light on the back windshield and turn the takedowns on. The takedowns on our cars put out a ton of light, but its not focused like the spot light. It really makes it difficult to see anything when looking at the patrol car from the front.

The spotlights light up the inside of the car and make the rearview mirror useless. The takedowns flood the area with a really intense light making it difficult for the driver to see you if he tries to eyeball your approach.

I also shine my flashlight in the side rearview mirror as I approach and often notice people shielding their eyes from the reflection in the mirror.

Passenger side approach is great and I use it often when something doesn't feel right. The driver often jumps from being startled when I knock on the passenger window.

If you have the option to turn the front flashing lights and wig wags off while leaving the rear lights on that really helps to hide your movements and not backlight you as bad.

Me and a co-worker got bored just the other night and experimented with several different methods. Doing what I do above made it very difficult to see the officer on his approach.

I also call my stops in before I activate my lights and initiate the stop. I dont waste any time getting up to the window. The less time they have to formulate a plan the better. I also dont slam my patrol car door shut when I exit, I dont want them having any clues as to where I am.

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