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I light up every light I have, but I focus my spotlight on the driver's side sideview mirror. Blinds them really well (and normally pisses them off lol). I'll approach wide, then come in right behind their door. I normally stand right behind the opening point of their door, so that they have to maneuver uncomfortably to see me/speak to me. That in turn also keeps their eyes in the path of the light reflecting off their mirror. I also position my car in a "trooper stop angle " behind them, so the spotlight is able to hit their mirror without me obstructing it when I'm at their vehicle.

I try not to establish any type of pattern as far as driver side/passenger side approach, because even with me working in a huge county, I still tend to make contact with some of the same people on a regular basis. I prefer they not know what I'm going to do each time.

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