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Originally Posted by skippz View Post
Really, I haven't been on YouTube tons but that's at the top of my "dumbest things to do" list... Those kids are displaying total disrespect for the slain victims and they're families, not to mention their community... and they're doing nothing for the 2nd amendment.
I mean what's the copper supposed to do, just ignore everyone he sees strolling down the street with a rifle (be it an AR or a muzzleloader).
This is ricockulous.
I hear you. Carrying openly in some places has a price to pay. The price is being looked at, especially when one is going about with cameras and looking for confrontations. The larger overall price is how it may ultimately affect a people group for the long term.

Thankfully in Kansas we have the right to conceal carry on a permit, and the right to open carry in public. Even cities where they would rather not have open carry happen will have to bend to the state laws concerning that, or face court, and extra money spent that they would not have to spend. I conceal carry, and I have been told by a LEO working for LVN that we can open carry no problem in LVN.
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