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Originally Posted by blueiron View Post
I still believe merchant ships with guarded prison detachments make sense.
Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
Forget the work detail on the ship, just throw them overboard. Less food consumed, less energy used for propulsion.
Actually it wouldn't be hard. Hire merchant mariners to the service of the BOP. The US Navy would have to be willing to lease ships, or there is the possibility that vessels could be purchased and refurbished. Keep them within the US limits on the water ways. A few old freighters could be refurbished to the task of growing food.

Inmates could be taught trades, (medium custody and below), and cycled out at the end of two years. Keep the highest custody levels restricted to land. The BOP employees would be cycled out at assigned ports, paid a little extra for being away from their families for a week or two, and given a little extra vacation time; like we do for those in PR, and HI.

Personally I think it would work well for awhile until laws could be passed to revamp federal laws to where people convicted of some of the lesser crimes could be sentenced to home confinement for half a year, instead of being placed in prison camps, and halfway houses.

Another possibility would be to take inmates who are sentenced under military guidelines and ship them out to sea a year or two at a time, completely under military jurisdiction.
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