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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
This is a thread for General Glocking.
i actually meant to put it in there..but clicked this section.
ph well
Originally Posted by jbglock View Post
23C is still my favorite Glock. Truth is their is a difference though. The 22 will have a longer sight radius. It's not huge but it is a difference. A 23 with a grip extension is not really a 22 other than the mag.
i dont think i need a grip extension.also...10 round max in our mags... the grip looking at gen 3 19 and 22 look like its a different thickness and yes the 23 is shorter.
the barrels that are going on are lone wolf silver stainless. i couldnt get them to put on threaded...i figured it sticks out why cant it be if i get it ill take it somewhere and have that done.
but the 23 is basically going to cost me what..$300 more than the 22.llseems tough to stomach that 300 for it

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