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With logical and reasonable people, scare tactics do not work. You can not support your premis with facts. Ramble on and on about burning in hell, we simply don't care about your fairy tales.
That's just mean-spirited. I don't mind debating ideology, but I try not to be insulting. My fairy tales? Mine and... millions more before me. They weren't all as smart as you guys, but they weren't all idiots either.

Originally Posted by High-Gear View Post
Personally I find the sappy "Jesus loves you!" tactic pretty annoying, but I'm sure it will work on some. Especially during traumatic events in their life.
I too cringe when I see those bumperstickers.

I addressed that very thing in a recent thread and ran a brother out of here. Jesus does not love everyone. He loves His own, and is angry with the rest. The rest are said to be "treasuring up wrath" against themselves. Anyway, in His High Priestly prayer, He specifically says He is not praying for the "world," but only for those who the Father gave him. In John 6, He intentionally says things to drive people away. In Romans, the rebellious are given over to their sins to increase their judgment. This is a smattering of verses, but it makes the point.
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