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Originally Posted by Rooster Rugburn View Post
Easy solution: Get the G23 and an X-Grip or one of the others. It's two guns in one. The G23 can use G22 mags, and with a grip extension, it's basically the same. With that setup, EVERY argument that can be made for the full size G22 can be made for the G23 with the grip extension. You have the G22 size and capacity, and the G23 reduced size.

You can make the G23 into a G22, but you cannot make a G22 into a G23.
i dont really have big hands. i wear a medium glove.
the 17 fits.

ive decided to go to glock demo day before i buy anything, hopefylly they have the 19 and 23 out for demos and a few of the other models with the canadian barrels. (i hate our barrel length laws.... we have to be 105 or 106mm or longer to be non restricted...otherwise its prohibited, and no one can get those licenses anymore...)
the canadian barrel also drives the prices, up. they have to have the canadian barrel on before crossing the border....which means you guys can get cheaper glock barrels in the states..because we already aid for them lol
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