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Originally Posted by Eaz8 View Post
correct, im looking for a .40

i have:
Glock 17 gen 4 9mm
Sig P226 W.German 9mm
Sig P220 Frame made in Germany .45acp

im trying to get a few pistols in different calibers. im going to be looking at revolvers next summer. i dont know how much shooting ill do over the winter (my range is a bit of a drive to get to) the the saved $ on ammo can fund another couple guns.

ive heard that some shooting competitions you need to use .40, i havent got into any of them yet, but hopefully next year once ive got another few thousand practice rounds down the pipe.
im still a new shooter...less than a year licensed, but have been shootings friends stuff at ranges for a few years.

EDIT - just checked beretta's website and the Inox is only in 9mm... so for beretta i either go with a 9mm Inox or get the .40sw in black.
Easy solution: Get the G23 and an X-Grip or one of the others. It's two guns in one. The G23 can use G22 mags, and with a grip extension, it's basically the same. With that setup, EVERY argument that can be made for the full size G22 can be made for the G23 with the grip extension. You have the G22 size and capacity, and the G23 reduced size.

You can make the G23 into a G22, but you cannot make a G22 into a G23.
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