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I owned the 3.8 in 45ACP. It's a great gun and the recoil is very manageable. It honestly didn't feel like I was shooting .45 in a handgun of this size. Has a pretty stout recoil spring that helps quite a bit.

For me though, I didn't like it for concealed carry, I found it to be too bulky. Don't like the cocking serrations on the XDm's. I think they're made more to look "cool" rather than to be functional. My fingers kept slipping off of them. Traded mine out for something that suits me better. I'm just not a polymer fan anymore...but if I was I'd own a Springfield...they're good stuff.

Gun performed flawlessly though with a variety of ammo and was absurdly accurate.

They'd be my polymer frame of choice if I still owned one. Owned many Glock's the years, I think the XD/XDM line is much nicer honestly. That's me though, opinions will vary.

If you're in to this type of pistol, you'll probably love it and can't go wrong. Even in the off chance you have an issue with it, Springfield has unmatched customer service and stand behind their product.
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