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what 9mm brand ammo 2 use in 17 gen 4?

i was at the range yesterday, shooting away with my Remington UMC 115gr Valu packs of 250 rounds for $60 (great price in canada.)
the guy shooting next to me had a beretta 82 no rail and let me fire it off, he handed me a mag with 3 rounds in it. i shot a little low, but every shot on the center line 1 on top of the other, 3d shot was almost a bulls eye really great for left to right aim and with a little practice i could be much better with it.(im buying
then i loaded it up with myy Rem UMC 115 gr and i was shooting it how i shoot my glock...on the paper, close to where i want but no consistency.
so im thinking on top of me being a new shooter...maybe my gunb doesnt like my UMC because his beretta sure liked his 147gr much better.

what have you had good results with? what is on the cheaper end but still ok.
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