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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Because they're *********s, that's why.

For the record -

Nowhere in the Constitution is it written that one must be an absolute ******* in order to exercise one's right guaranteed under that document. Too many people, including a number on this board, feel that confrontation is in order, merely to make themselves feel good about carrying a gun. They think, "Man, I really showed that jack booted thug, pig of a cop" when acting like an immature child.

Further, those same *******s get all upset about a cop getting a bit nasty during an encounter, also forgetting that the Constitution doesn't specify that law enforcement officers must be polite all the time.

*******s, I tell ya.

I do think this cop was pretty professional but I also think there is nothing in the Constitution that the kids have to be polite either. You forget it goes both ways.
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