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Originally Posted by OlliesRevenge View Post
We are told that vaccines create immunity -- and in spite of the lack of research done to prove efficacy I have no reason to doubt this. I do have a problem with the logic of trying to mandate vaccines for everyone though. If they create immunity for me, why should I care if you are vaccinated or not? If I'm immune to the disease you have, I shouldn't care.

If we explore this conflict of logic we will find some doublethink at work. At the individual level, we are given the thumbs up & told that vaccines will protect us 100%. When the argument is made for for vaccine mandates though; we discover the "herd immunity" argument, which is based on the idea that vaccines don't work for everyone, and that we need to vaccinate a large percent of the population to prevent a particular disease from proliferating. So do vaccines work all the time, or just some of the time? You can't have it both ways.
I don't think anyone says vaccines are 100 percent effective. Vaccines are most effective when used on populations, rather than individuals, precisely because they are less than 100 percent effective. when you take a vaccine that is say, 98 percent effective and use it on in a population, the herd immunity that happens at the roughly 85 percent immunized range protects the other 2 percent.
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