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Originally Posted by Gombey View Post
I wouldn't say accosted, and I agree being a dick isn't against the law. I'm grateful for that, if it where I'd be in some serious trouble!

That said, if someone calls the police and says there is a man with a gun walking around the police have to check it out. The individuals with the camera are looking for a confrontation with LE. The officer is just doing his job.

Just for arguments sake, this guy has a plan to kill his co-workers, the department gets calls about a MWAG and just do a cursory check like many are advocating. Don't dig any deeper, don't try to talk to the guy. He makes it to his destination and kills a bunch of people. Now what? What will the response be?

Just let the officers do their jobs. They have to answer calls. This is not the way to change laws in a positive way.

Honey is needed, not vinegar.
I agree with all of your post. The attitude that someone is being harassed just because they have to speak to an officer amazes me.

I stand by my point that if I was an anti 2a activist this is just the type of thing I would do to make 2a supporters look bad.
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