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Originally Posted by ABNAK View Post
I think the first one is at least *possible* with handgun rounds, the BPW probably not unless we start talking about the next level, i.e. rifles.
Like I said, they go hand in hand. The peripheral wounding of a bullet is also caused by said wave. It is not as simple as just rifle or pistol rounds. It is also not just as simple as more or less velocity, it is the rate of transfer which coincides with bullet construction. Do rifles have it easier because of higher energy levels? Yes. But it is a lot of factors and how they work together that makes the difference. Pistols have the same capabilities (within reason) but must transfer much faster since they start out with less energy. Anemic rounds will have the most trouble with this since they cannot spend themselves on rapid expansion to gain a decent temp cavity and hope to have enough left for a desirable penetration depth.
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