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Originally Posted by dwhite53 View Post
Gotta get a scale. Should have this already.

I have a number of dippers for pet loads made from trimmed 9mm cases.

Always calibrated. Only re-calibrate with new lot of powder.

Never go out of adjustment.

First charge just as accurate as the last charge.

EASILY HOLD +/- 0.1 grain all day long. Even if using a Harrell measure you better use a scale on each charge if you need better repeatability.

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This. Dippers are very precise. They are slow, but they are precise. The dippers need to be calibrated though. The Lee dippers are calibrated already. If you use the loads listed in the chart, you are good to go. But, the loads are limited. It can be hard to get a powder and bullet that you want to work with the Lee dipper you have. For 40SW, the only Lee dipper you can really use is the 0.5cc.

Making dippers from cases is the best way to go. You can make them to throw any weight you want, but you need to use a scale to calibrate them. Hook up with a buddy who has a scale. Bring some pistol cases, 32ACP works well, a file, and your powder and data to his house and make up some dippers. Glue the cases to bamboo grill skewers for handles. You can use Popsicle sticks too, but trim the stick down where it attaches to the case so powder doesn't collect on it.

I use a fine sharpie to write on the handle what the dipper throws. "3.5 Red Dot". You might need to use a Popsicle stick so you can write big enough to see

Anybody who says dippers aren't precise doesn't have a proper understanding of the place that precision has in reloading.
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