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I don't know if this would be "paranormal" but here goes....

My granddaughters spent the night 3 weeks ago and the next morning my wife heard them in the bedroom talking to each other and giggling. Sometimes they do that. After a while my wife walked in and asked them what they wanted for breakfast. Of course they didn't know. The oldest (6 years) was too interested in watching her hands.

Then she asked my wife (gramma to them)....

*Can you see them?

See what?

*The lights around my hands.

No, what lights?

*The red and white lights. They're playing when they go through my hands. They're funny.

No, I can't see them.

Now, my wife is looking at their hands trying to find a light source...also rubbing her hands. She asked "are they still there?"

*Yeah, just floating around playing.

After a few more minutes they come out of the bedroom and said that they (lights) were gone now. At that point, I am awake and start asking her questions.

Sooo how big were the lights? About the size of my little finger nail?

*No, they were little.

Where did they go? Were they in the room under the bed? Did they go into the closet?

*No, just playing around my hands. Then they left.

I couldn't get much out of her. She just wanted to eat then go outside to
The innocence of a child....
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