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Originally Posted by 12131 View Post
The man already has the G17 and P226 (assuming in 9mm).
He's asking G22 v G23.
correct, im looking for a .40

i have:
Glock 17 gen 4 9mm
Sig P226 W.German 9mm
Sig P220 Frame made in Germany .45acp

im trying to get a few pistols in different calibers. im going to be looking at revolvers next summer. i dont know how much shooting ill do over the winter (my range is a bit of a drive to get to) the the saved $ on ammo can fund another couple guns.

ive heard that some shooting competitions you need to use .40, i havent got into any of them yet, but hopefully next year once ive got another few thousand practice rounds down the pipe.
im still a new shooter...less than a year licensed, but have been shootings friends stuff at ranges for a few years.

EDIT - just checked beretta's website and the Inox is only in 9mm... so for beretta i either go with a 9mm Inox or get the .40sw in black.

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