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Originally Posted by Ocean_glocker View Post
Is is hard the pick up sight picture without lamps on the rear sight?

I'm in the same boat.. I'm shopping for night sights too, 3 sets :( , I'm surprised no one has mentioned Truglo TFOs yet...
It's actually easier for me, because the rear sight has no "distractions" if you will, but everyone is different, and sights are as personal as carry ammo, holsters, etc.

As for the Truglo sights, they don't hold up, and have the shortest warranty in the business, if you shoot any good amount of ammo, at one point or another you will lose or break a tube. When I first got into Glocks I had (3) sets and they all broke, will never deal with those people again.

Just my $0.02

Edit: Unless they have changed their policy (doubt it) the warranty on the TFO handgun sights is 90 days......
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