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Originally Posted by stevemc View Post
I agree with you. Downsizing the neutral is not a good idea and there is really no reason to do it. That just brings up a whole other discussion. We all believe that working on our own house is our right, but when I see a homemade solution like this it bothers me. What other cost saving actions were taken? I don't believe there is a #6 ground (there I said it). Proper bonding is REQUIRED. Is the meter and drop adequate for 200 amps? Are future owners of this house in harms way without knowing it? Would you be comfortable knowing a girl scout wired the circuits in your house for a patch? Without trying to sound crass, this is a good example of why there are electrical inspectors and laws regarding service upgrades. I see this more and more and it scares the **** out of me.

Its a good idea to have a basic knowledge, pick up a "wireing simplified" type book... Its not rocket science. Inspectors are a nice "thought" They stick tester in GFI outlets, other outlets they can easily see, sign off. (On initial I did mention I was moving water heater as too close, some other changes so he did have idea I had SOME clue as to code. I tend to over build stuff. I don't use 14 guage. 12 and 10 for circuts (110-120)
Important thing to know. Electricity is composed of billions of little things that race thru wires. They are just LOOKING for chance to jump off and bite a person, and or build up heat and start a fire. So you contain them well and don't give them a chance to escape. They don't merge will either. If you run them 6 lanes wide going in and only 4 lanes going back there will be traffic accidents, some will try short cuts. :0////
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