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Several years ago, we went to the USS Lexington with his Cub Scout Pack. We toured the ship and stayed on board overnight, heard all the ghost stories, etc. Well, the next morning, after we had taken all of our stuff up to the hangar deck from the berthing area, my son wanted to go walk around the ship and take pictures, since there were not any people except our Cub Scout group left. So, we put fresh batteries in his digital camera and headed down into the engine compartment, where "Charlie" supposedly roams.

When we made it down to the engine compartment, the power went out on the ship. The emergency lights came on, so it wasn't pitch black, but it was kinda dark. After a few minutes, one of the tour folks came and yelled down the hatch and asked if anyone was down in the engine compartment. We said we were, and were alone, so he decided to bring the two other people down and show them the engine room too, before guiding us back up to the hangar deck.

Well, as the guide told the story about Charlie and pointed out where he died, my son went to take a picture of the soon as he turned on the camera and focused on that place on the ship, the batteries lost all power. These were fresh batteries, that we had just put in the camera minutes before. We showed the guide that the camera went dead and he immediately took all of us back up to the hangar deck.
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