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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
What I meant by baiting, and the reason it does logically follow, is because it seems your objection to handgun hunting is you don't like sport hunting, and you don't want an animal to suffer, but you still seem willing to eat meat.

Therefore, if we want to eat some tasty wild animal out there, it would seem the most logical conclusion would be to get as close to the animal as possible for the shot, and not making a sport of it. Putting out bait and having a spotlight ready would accomplish that.

Then use the best tool for the job, whether it be rifle or handgun.
Well, I appreciate what you're saying; but, with all the hunting I used to do, I've never baited an animal - Not even once in my entire life. I have sat on a few scrapes, though, and intercepted many an animal on the way to its feeding ground.

I'm not above killing to eat; but, I really am at that age in life where I no longer take pleasure in the sport of the kill; nor am I any longer able to justify this behavior to myself by eating what I've taken down. If I had my life to live over again I wouldn't be a hunter. A meat eater? Maybe, but not a hunter.

I just lost my taste for it; moreover, these past 25 years I've been doing a sort of penance. My wife and I have spent thousands of dollars rescuing injured and abandoned animals. We live on a farm; and, when the old barn was out on the road, people were always dropping off their unwanted cats and dogs on the property!

When the economy began to change and people began to lose their jobs, the rate of unwanted drop-offs went way up. (Maybe double!) The fellow who lives at the other end of the farm simply shot them; another neighbor who lives down the road used to trap them in leg hold traps. Any dogs, or especially cats, who stayed around our house and barn ended up getting saved.

I'm not against hunting, per se. I still eat some, but not a lot of, meat. I, personally, just don't care to hunt anymore. I'll be very honest with you, though: If the economy gets much worse, or if gas goes to $5 or $6 dollars a gallon I do think that I'll get the required permits and start taking some of these deer that are always going in and out of the hay fields. (Including our beautiful hosta garden!)

My position on what gun to use is the same for hunting as it is for self-defense: Just shoot straight, and use enough gun!
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