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Originally Posted by ilgunguygt View Post
If she is then she is committing fraud. The food stamp program is calculated based on all income in the home, not just the parents of children. If she is living with her parents then her parents income BY LAW has to be included in the calculations. If she is falsely claiming that she is living by herself to get the benefits, then someone should report her.

FYI, while it does vary state-by-state, the max four people(your cousin and three kids) could get is 668 in Illinois, not 800. You can easily look online and see what the max benefit is for her state.
It seems like everybody who writes/reads/believes these chain emails at face value seems to have that same cousin, or friend of their brother's cousin, that drives a new 458 Italia and lives on food stamps. Oh, and it seems like just yesterday (it's always just yesterday) they saw that lady stocking up on lobster and steak at the grocery store.

In all the years I have been shopping for groceries, I have never once even paid attention to what method of payment the person in front of me is using - yet these people somehow always seem to be able to distinguish.

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