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Before you switch to night sights, consider this scenario: you're in a totally dark environment and you don't know WHERE the bad guys are. If they are beside you or behind you and they can see your glowing night sights, you've just given away your position. I experienced something very similar to that on a pitch-black night in 1971 when I was a young MP sentry dog handler. The LAST thing I wanted was to give away my position. Since that time I've NEVER even considered night sights because I've felt that point shooting is more likely the way such a situation would unfold. (Perhaps other members of the forum have had positive experiences with night sights and can speak to their strengths.)

On the other hand, I've found that a Heinie Slant Pro rear sight and Dawson fiber optic (orange) front sight are much faster for me to get on target than the OEM sights.

For concealed carry, I'm sure you'll find lots of suggestions for keeping the gun as stock as possible, which is what I've done with my Gen 4 G26 (except for the sights). In the event that you ever get into a justifiable shooting incident and survive, then you have to face the legal system and any modifications to trigger weight might hurt you in court ... so says Massad Ayoob and other major writers on the subject of self defense.

Be safe and learn how to shoot your G26 to the best of your ability. For my part, I try to shoot in IDPA matches on a regular basis to hone my defensive shooting skills against the clock (and other shooters).

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