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When I was 11 my parents wanted to move to a certain neighborhood (built in the 50's) so I would attend a better HS. We found a fixer uper that was once a hospice home. It had 2 front doors, 2 kitchens, 4 baths a 5 car garage a basement (more like a root cellar) and 7 bedrooms. There was the owners side separated from the residence side by a large door with deadbolts. One strange thing about one of the rooms on the residence side was that it was in the middle of the house with no windows and a dead bolt that locked from the outside. The room had wood panel walls with blue lanolium (sp) flooring. During our walk through I remember feeling like someone was watching me. Just an all around creepy feeling.

Skip forward a few weeks and my parents found out our offer was declined. Skip forward about 4 months and we find our new house and it's directly behind the creepy house we walked through. Sharing our back fence. The first time I saw the ghost I remember perfectly. It was a saturday morning and I was home alone. I had just gotten out of the shower and the steam was thick since it was winter. As I opened the bathroom door right there in front of me was a man in a blue suite and fedora. I didn't see his face either because of the steam or because he was misty or something like that. As I stumbled backwards and blinked he was gone. I was pretty freaked out but kept it to myself.

With time as any 11 yo boy would do, I started making friends with other children in the neighborhood. And having sleep overs and play dates. Pretty soon I found my best friend who lived across the street. During one sleep over I told him about the man in the blue suite. He then proceeded to inform me how our neighbors house to the rear once had been used as a elderly group home. And how the owners were in jail because the tenants would die but would never reported and the SS checks would keep coming. He told me how they dug up the whole yard looking for bodies (and I remember the holes) but never found any.

I lived there till I was 19. Throughout the years my parents my friends and family all saw the man in the blue suite. Pictures and mirrors fell off walls. The garage door would open and close on it's own. Lights would turn on in they middle of the night. Never did it get to the point of being scarry because this ghost never said anything, just a glimpse here and there. Things falling or turning on where very rare but did happen. I've been out of the house for some time now but my parents still live there and the last time I asked it's been years since any activity. I swear to god himself that this is a true story.

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