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Ok, here's my ghost story. Actually it's my mom's.

My mom and step dad live in Santa Fe, NM. They have been there about 16 years. 4 times over the last 16 years my mom claims that she has seen, late at night, an older asian man walk down the hallway and then disapear.

She told me that the first time she was pretty freaked out and didn't even wake my step dad and tell him. She evenually just dismissed it as being tired and it being late.

A few years pass and she had completely forgotten about it and it happens again, late night and on her way to bed (my step father was already asleep). Another asian man walks down the hallway and disapears. This time she wakes up my step dad and tells him. He's not sure if he believes her.

After this second incident they did some research on their neiborhood and it turns out that it was built on a site that was a Japanese internment camp during WWII.

She says that 3rd and 4th times she has seen him she has tried to talk to him but has never gotten any response, he seems indifferent or unaware of her.
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