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Originally Posted by BEER View Post
at 1 point "scientists" jumped up and down swearing that the earth was flat. just because you can't prove something right now dosen't mean it won't ever be proven.

i loathe scientific zealots just as much as i hate religious zealots. everybody needs to knock off the "THIS IS THE WAY IT IS AND THAT'S THE END OF IT!" attitudes.

as human beings we are nothing more than cells that makes up the flea that rides the dog that's living in just 1 yard, so on and so forth.
You've got me wrong. Scientists have to be humble. I never claimed to know everything. Our favorite theories can be proven wrong in a single experiment. That's all it takes. Evidence. Real evidence.

A decent scientist is willing to ask tough questions and is willing to accept the results of experiments. We think something is right based on evidence.

And yes, we do believe the evidence. It is completely different than religious zealots who believe the words of some guy on a hill, or the words written in a book that are supposed to be the words of God, whatever God is. Religious zealotry is completely different than science. Sure, we scientists get excited, but it is about experiments that prove or disprove our theories, experiments that can be reproduced and performed by different people all over the world (or maybe even all over the universe).

Totally different. But feel free to loathe us. You might as well loathe the Truth also....and nature....and the universe. We're just trying to examine patterns and figure out the way it behaves.
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